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Vaillant has been trusted for decades as the go-to source for home heating. It is for this reason many people have faith in the Vaillant company and its products for residential and commercial properties nationwide. Whatever your home and lifestyle, we can find a Vaillant boiler that would seamlessly fit for you.

For over 140 years, the Vaillant company has combined the best of British manufacturing and German engineering to design innovative central heating and hot water systems. The award-winning brand produces systems and open vent boilers that are renowned in the plumbing industry, especially the flagship ecoTEC Plus boiler range.

Vaillant boilers

are well-built and come with a standard 7-year warranty for parts and labour. Whatever your central heating and hot water needs, there is a Vaillant ecoTEC that suits your budget. With a Vaillant boiler, technical support is available at all times to assist you with any bumps you might encounter in your central heating experience.


Types of Vaillant Boilers

There are three major types of Vaillant boilers to suit your home:

Combi boilers are the most common types in the UK. Their space-saving design makes them ideal for smaller properties with little or no loft space. Also, they don’t require a hot water cylinder or storage tank, which further increases living space.

System boilers provide central heating and hot water through a storage cylinder, which is kept in an airing cabinet. They are economical to run and come with built-in components for a faster and neater installation. The boiler does not require a water tank. You can get the ecoTEC Plus in various outputs going from 12kW to 37kW.

In general, 24kW and 27kW combi boilers are suitable for flats and terraced houses with at least one bathroom and ten radiators. For bigger homes with up to 3 – 4 bedrooms, you need a boiler with at least a 28Kw output. A home with one bathroom and two bedrooms may only require a boiler system ranging from 12kW to 15kW.
Safety first. Vaillant boilers are some of the best-built models currently available. They guarantee security and comfort for your family. Regarding energy costs, they save you a great deal on utility costs compared to lesser models, because of their excellent efficiency.

You can save as much as £305 on annual energy bills when you switch from an old model to a Vaillant boiler. For instance, the combi boilers only heat up water when needed. This means you are actually only using power at the time you turn on your hot water taps.
In terms of servicing, Vaillant boilers are incredibly problem-free and easy to service. A well-maintained Vaillant boiler would only need to be serviced annually. Maintaining the ultra-efficient operation of a Vaillant boiler is as simple as taking the time to get it fully checked and maintained. This way you won’t experience the nasty surprise of a broken down boiler in the middle of a shower. We can provide annual servicing, and if there is a problem, it can be detected during servicing, and all necessary repairs carried out.

A Vaillant boilers

is the right choice because:

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