Expert Boiler Servicing in Sandbach, Cheshire

As a fully qualified gas engineer, I can help with all related gas boiler jobs, including servicing and maintenance, replacement, fitting, installation and annual checks. Arranging an annual service for your boiler not only keeps it as efficient as possible, it also validates any manufacturer’s warranty you have on the appliance.

This is very helpful if and when you want to sell your home. Servicing can prolong the life of a boiler and prevent it breaking down. No-one wants to be without hot water or heating!

How Can I Schedule a Boiler Service?

A gas boiler is great when it works well! However, as with most items that get used day in, day out, things can go wrong. An annual service prevents worrying issues such as carbon monoxide leaks, which can be fatal.

Your annual service is a bit like a service for your car … it keeps it working efficiently and helps it remain safe to use. All you need to do to arrange a boiler service is to get in touch with me on the number below and we can arrange a time for me to call in.

You should also find your boiler’s documentation which should be signed by the Gas Safe Registered Engineer each time the boiler is serviced or repaired.

plumber servicing a gas boiler

What occurs throughout the service?

I will carry out an in-depth survey of your boiler, checking a list of key points that in turn will indicate how well your boiler is performing.

As a gas boiler installer, my 15 years’ experience has given me huge knowledge that can only be gained from working in the industry.

I will call at the time we arrange and I will have my ID with me. If you wish me to wear a facemask, then I would be happy to do so. The boiler service will take approximately 30 minutes to one hour. You will get a copy of the survey results.

Elements of a gas boiler service include a visual inspection, removal of the boiler casing, a flue check, pressure check and the boiler is fired up along with other important elements.

How Much Will It Cost?

The cost of a domestic boiler service is from £60 + VAT. Also if  unvented cylinder is serviced at the same time, it's an additional from £30 plus VAT. The cost over the year is minimal and it can prevent bigger costs further down the line.

What Additional Services Do You Provide?

As well as being a gas boiler installer, I can help with gas pipework, radiators and related issues.

Could You Conduct a Survey on My Gas Boiler?

Yes, I am qualified to do this and I have lots of hands-on experience with this important part of boiler are. Once the survey is completed, I can advise if your boiler can remain in place or if a new boiler is required. Boilers over a decade old are not as efficient as their modern counterparts.   Older boilers will be costing you more money in the long run. However, I understand that a new boiler can be a big decision to make so my advice is always impartial.

Do You Work With a Boiler Brand?

Yes, I work with Vaillant, one of the best-known boiler brands in the UK.

What Are the Main Risks with Gas Boilers?

As mentioned above, one of the main risks with gas boiler is carbon monoxide leakage, leading to carbon monoxide poisoning and even death. Carbon monoxide is lethal, and you can’t smell it, see it, or taste it. Regular servicing makes sure your boiler is combusting fuel safely and efficiently. Of course, like a vehicle, gas boilers can break down. This can have a huge impact on safety and wellbeing, and can even have financial implications.

How to Proceed

For a free quote or to book in your boiler service, contact me today!